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Holidays are great, aren’t they? The fresh air, the great outdoors, these are always the things that relax us and really recharge our batteries. For some people that have trouble setting up a tent and don’t enjoy the idea of having a zipper for a door and like the comfort of their own bed as well, there is an option that can help. The answer is a caravan.

The idea behind a caravan has been around for ages and the fact that you can go anywhere with a miniature version of your solid wall home is appealing and even practical because of the mobility and comfort it provides.

As far as caravan technology goes it has come a long way from horse pulled carriages some of the more modern mobile homes come equipped from everything from a complete bathroom to a kitchen or even more than one bedroom.

It may seem a lot to think about if you are new to this concept. Questions like how much space do I really need? How do all the features work? What kind of caravan do I need if I want to go to a mountain region or a beach? These are questions that if done alone will seem like you don’t know where to start looking for an answer. Well, some good places to start are the Townsville Caravan Centers in Australia. Besides being able to choose from a wide variety of caravans, the services here include specialists on the subject that can help out with all the questions you might have and also point you in the right direction to get you all geared up for a long trip with your friends or family or just for a quick escape to a lake for some weekend fishing by yourself. Here you can also compare between models and get the feel of a caravan before getting your home on wheels.

CaravanIf by any chance something is not working properly the mechanical shop here is fully equipped to analyze, detect problems then replace any parts that are worn out or mend and tweak your caravan to get it back on the road as soon as possible and really relax on your trip knowing all is in good shape. While at the Townsville Caravan Centers you can sell your used caravan, you can also consider trading it in for a new one that fits your needs now that you have some experience on the subject and get a good deal too. Obviously if you are a person that doesn’t mind a little elbow grease you can easily find spare parts and accessories to mount yourself at affordable prices and good quality.

Now that you have your caravan all nice and shiny, just call your boss tell him you are getting your well-deserved holiday leave, get the family and head out on the road being ready to stop anywhere you want for some quality leisure time and also comfort in your very own home away from home. Go ahead and stop by the Townsville Caravan Center; you might make some caravan buddies in the process. Best of luck, have fun and let’s hope it doesn’t rain.


The Best Caravans in 2015


The word caravan has derived from the group of vagabonds who used to travel from one place to another using horse-drawn cart and other such means of transportation. Even, in various films and other documentary features, we found these types of vehicles being used for utility purposes. In the modern times, however, caravan stands for both recreational and utility purposes.
Nowadays, caravans have become a sort of status symbol for high-profile persons. Players, actors and other person of this sort are seen to possess a caravan of their own. Now, you may wonder why one should use a caravan when there are so many luxury cars available in abundance. The reasons are:

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These are the important features of a caravan apart from the other mechanisms that a car already possesses. A number of car manufacturing companies are associated with developing caravan cars. Some of them are still considered to be supreme in caravan manufacturing. Standing in the year 2015, we can speak of two most striking caravan cars which have been well received by the consumers:

2015 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Plus
a) The Dodge Caravan:
One of the earliest in caravan making, it is considered to be one of the bestsellers in manufacturing these minivans. It can carry as many as 8 passengers. The leather-built seats with comfortable armrests and door panels make it the perfect family car with enough space for your limbs to relax. It has adjustable LED reading lamps which properly illuminate the car as and when required. Moreover, another convenient features added to it is all the equipments are almost present at the fingertips and adjust the mirrors and position of your seat according to your convenience.

b) The Nissan Caravan:
The Nissan Caravan who debuted as a car manufacturer in 1973 has released its NV350 Caravan Premium GX in 2015. It is an example of a caravan with clean-diesel technology. It is spacious and with a high cargo accommodation. It has gasoline engines which makes full use of the fuel saving technologies. The engine is of a superior technology with making less sound and on the other hand giving more output and speed. Storage racks, tools and other items have been customized for the car for the purpose of the driver and passengers. The Anti-lock Braking system with Brake Assist makes it a completely safer car to travel around.
So, if you are deciding to buy a car for your large family or for simply roaming around, a caravan can never go wrong of choice.

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